The Hop & Mae Adams Foundation (“Mae”) is proud to support:


Many residents of Carson City have had successful careers or have run successful businesses. They understand that an educated workforce is critical to our community continuing to grow and thrive. “Mae” understands this as well and is focused on providing innovative opportunities, outside the traditional public school setting, to help train people of all ages as well as the next generation of workers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Our goal is to provide numerous and varied opportunities for lifelong learning.

Economic Development

In these uncertain economic times, it is understandable that people are concerned about risky efforts or projects without specifics. That is why the Foundation is focused on supporting frugal, sensible efforts designed to make maximum impact for minimal cost. Unfortunately, we are all aware of projects where the promises fell short. Thus, “Mae” is focused on building broad community support with safe, sound and sustainable efforts. We engage, listen and plan our efforts with involvement from the people of Carson City. It’s not about us – it’s about the community of Carson City.

Business Opportunities and Development

Good citizens lead to good choices, which leads to good jobs and good property values.

The hope of the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation is to utilize its resources to help Carson City entrepreneurs and business owners be proud, responsible citizens committed to the community’s long-term future. Additionally, “Mae” is proud to work with area elected officials and economic development associations to promote the community and attract investment. A critical component of the Foundation’s mission is promoting ways for these groups and others to combine efforts; and, together they can create something bigger and better than what they could have accomplished their own.