Carson City Tech Center

Written by Rob Hooper, Executive Director of Northern Nevada Development Authority (

Published in Nevada Appeal, September 2, 2012 (

High tech jobs are one way NNDA is looking to boost the local economic outlook. Tech jobs tend to pay higher wages and when you couple that with the financial multiplier in the community, the impact for a job that pays $100K becomes $450K. If we bring enough of those jobs and replace those lost from construction and tourism we will significantly reverse the trend of the last 5 years. The Hop & Mae Adams Foundation along with Carson Careers is helping to make this happen.

To support the development of technology career opportunities for our brightest and best, the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation (”Mae”) has created a not for profit venture capital firm, Carson Careers to help finance business needs in Carson City. These needs include patents, licenses, and other startup or expansion costs. Additionally, Mae purchased the former Stewart Title Building located at 222 N Carson St. This will become a business location for start-up and expanding businesses. Structured to provide low-cost incubation rents, these infant organizations will find a place for support and assistance to allow them time to build a solid base. Rent will vary based on gross sales, and as they grow, they will relocate to traditional lease spaces throughout Carson City and the region. Attracting innovative and technology-based industries along with younger urban workers will ultimately bring vibrancy and diversification to the region’s economy. This new “business accelerator” is a joint project between Mae and NNDA.

The purchase of the Old Stewart Title Building is the first stepping stone in not only filling vacant properties, but also in kicking off the City Center Project. The City Center Project is an extensive concept to revitalize Carson City’s core and attract and retain business. It includes a Knowledge and Discovery Center, public plaza and park, parking garage, business incubators and exciting commercial areas encouraging a walkable community space.

“Utilizing NNDA, the City Center Project and Carson City Careers to revitalize Carson City and establish it as a west-coast hub for technology and innovation is not only possible, but probable”, says Steve Neighbors, Trustee of Mae, “Our goal is to support the future of the region and to promote an environment where we continue to learn and grow.”

NNDA is proud to support this project and is looking forward to working with our new partners for years to come. With construction slated to begin later this year, we want the community to help decide on both the look and name of this new business center. Visit to share your thoughts about the proposed new look for the building. While you’re there, submit your suggested name for the new building. If we select the name you suggest, you win an iPad. This is a community project and your input is valuable.