New Entrepreneur Network

Teaching Area Kids the Art of Entrepreneurship


The Hop & Mae Adams Foundation and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada are joining forces to create the New Entrepreneurs Network (NewE). This unique program will teach area youth important work skills, personal development strategies and entrepreneurship and will provide them with employment opportunities. NewE will work with local middle school and high school students educating them on business creation, implementation and management skills while establishing a new business in Carson City. All proceeds earned from this venture will be utilized to sustain NewE with remaining funds donated back to the community, primarily to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

NewE will include fun and comprehensive training courses and will be available to the students through the program as well as some paid practical work positions for high school aged children.

“Nationally, studies have shown that similar programs foster higher attendance, improved graduation rates, raised self-esteem and, ultimately, higher lifetime wage earnings. The Hop & Mae Adams Foundation is focused on improving career opportunities and enhancing education for our Carson City community. This program speaks to the person that Mae Adams was and implements her vision of improved education, self-sufficiency and long term viability of our local economy.” said Steve Neighbors, Trustee of the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation.

For more information, visit: NewEnetwork.com.